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A fantastic value without cutting corners we offer you the "Country Cottage" series.  We use all brand name materials available at lumber and hardware outlets everywhere.  No odd sized mobile home doors, windows, heat registers, etc.  Designed to provide the following benefits:

Providing a Lasting value:                                       

Stronger Roofs:

  • Plywood over scissor type trusses 40# per sq. ft. standard (120# optional)

Stronger Walls:

  • All 2 x 4 interior, 2 x 6 exterior with triple framed openings and 6" headers.

Stronger Floors:

  • 2 x 8 joists, triple on the end and reinforced every 8' with perimeter 2 x 6 sill connecting all joists.  All decking screwed down every 12".

Durable Plumbing:

  • All copper water lines, metal risers and shut-off valves.

Quality Carpet:

  • 25 oz. yarn, stain resistant with 6 lb. rebond pad.

Clearly a better built home provides a lower cost of ownership.  All of our homes meet or exceed the super good cents standards.  

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