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Here are just a few examples of the many letters that we receive from our customers.   For additional referrals, please feel free to contact us! 

Dear Jim,

Steve and I would like to first take this opportunity to thank you and David for playing a key role in selling us our home.  We are very happy with the home that we have chosen.  We enjoy it every day.  Now that we have grass growing and flowers around the house, it is starting to look even nicer.  Please stop by the next time you are in the area.

We also want to thank you and Valley Quality Homes for all the extra care that you have given us in regards to all the repairs that have been done.  Valley Quality really does stand behind their homes, and takes care of them.  Your service department goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that each homeowner is treated very well.  The quick response to each and every repair request was always done in a timely manner and to the convenience of the homeowner.

We are also extremely pleased with the wonderful job that Dan did in installing the front room windows.  Dan is not only an extremely friendly and nice guy, he really knows his job.  He is a valuable employee that needs to be thanked a lot.  He did the job in a timely manner with no inconvenience to us whatsoever.

Valley Quality Homes is truly a 5 star company as far as we are concerned.

We also want to thank Mr. Art Berger for showing us this particular house in Yakima and for believing in the quality homes that he builds, and for standing behind that quality.

Steve and Merrijean Gadd
Spokane, WA

Dear David,

We wanted to thank you and Valley Quality Homes for the wonderful service you have provided over the last two years as we selected and moved into our new home.  It is difficult to imagine how the experience could have been better.  Your willingness to help us in what was a much longer process than we had anticipated (as you recall there was quite an entanglement over the land easement), our change of models, and our design adaptations would have tried the patience of a saint.  Through it all we could not have asked for a more pleasant, knowledgeable, supportive, or diplomatic sales agent.  Valley Quality Homes could not ask for a finer representative.

We are equally impressed with the follow-up service Valley Quality Homes offers.  As you mentioned to us, some settling and other minor problems can occur.  When we contacted Sharon about these issues, her friendly, efficient manner, and the quick response she arranged was much appreciated.  Robert Valley, serviceman extraordinaire, is another example of why we think so highly of your firm.  As you know, we have a very busy family life.  Robert did the necessary repairs flawlessly and despite the whirlwind of children, adults, and pets underfoot was unobtrusive, careful and very skilled in his work.  (I should be ashamed to admit it but he left our home tidier than he found it despite the sheet rocking and other repairs.)  He is a wonderful ambassador for Valley Quality Homes!

We can not thank you enough for all you have done for us.  Our new home meets our needs splendidly, and you and the entire crew of Valley Quality Homes have our enthusiastic, unqualified endorsement and appreciation.

Rose and Don Huskey
Moscow Idaho

Dear Jim,

We want to thank you for all your excellent service.  You were so patient while we dreamed for about three years.  Now that we have our home, it was well worth the wait.  When People look a it, they can't believe that is is a manufactured home.  It would easily cost twice as much for the same quality frame house.

The service that we have gotten since delivery is nothing short of incredible.  Unheard of for a salesman to make site visits before, during and after delivery.  We didn't have to call and beg someone to come out and address little problems, you actually called and asked if we were ready for maintenance.  You monitored the contractor work and had a set-up crew who really knew their business and got there early every and left late.  These actions have prompted others to ask, "What outfit does all this?"

The quality product, the purchasing assistance with the banks and the before, during and after delivery attention, the quality of the maintenance and the overall experience was very refreshing, indeed.

Thank you again, Jim, for a quality product, quality service, quality office staff and a very gratifying journey into home buying.  We give you the highest recommendation.

Clyde and Lois Runkle

Dear Dale,

I am so pleased with my new home.  It is just beautiful. Your men did a great job setting it up.  It was immaculate when we did the walk through.

I really appreciate your help whenever I had questions, you were always available.

Thanks so much to you and the company for a very positive experience.

R Boulé

Dear Ron,

This letter is long over due, but we wanted to live in our home for awhile before writing to you.

We want to thank you so very much for your help with our purchase of our lovely Valley Mansion.  Your suggestions as we changed some of the design, moved walls, stretched the floor plan and added closets, pantry etc, were invaluable.  Your expertise was really evident when we received our home, and it was way above and beyond our expectations.

We have been in our home over a year now.  We are so pleased with the design and how it looks on our property.  We have a home that we can be truly proud of.

The service that you and your company offer has been very satisfactory.  Service is something that is often overlooked by some companies, when the unit is placed.  We have been pleased with the follow up, and especially with the personal visits that you have made since we received our home.

We look forward to a long, happy future in our home.

Thanks again, Ron for helping make our "dreams" come true.


Frank and Treva Norris
Springdale, WA

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Dear Mr. Berger,

A note to inform you of how pleased we are with our new triple wide Valley Quality Home, #2831.  My wife and I had looked at innumerable brands of manufactured homes in the past five or six years.  We became "experts" in finding fault with nearly every one of them.  And the "hard sell" from 95% of the salesmen always left us ---cold!

Then, one Saturday, in the autumn of 1998, we decided to try a different route, and ended up in Kennewick.  Per chance, we were blessed with a vibrant and energetic young salesman, the best---perhaps the finest one we had ever encountered.  He gave us the grand tour of several triples, and then the #2831.  It was love at first site.

When we drove out of your display lot that Saturday afternoon, my wife an I looked at each other simultaneously and I said, "If, " and that was a big IF at that time, "If we do decide to purchase a manufactured home, I want to come back to Kennewick and buy it through Steve Cline!"  She agreed.

By and by, we made seemingly dozens of 226 miles round trips to Kennewick between October 98 and April 99.  Each time it was a pleasure to deal with Steve.  He was so helpful, so patient, even humorous at times with our indecisiveness.

We always did the homework on "after the sale" service, and dozens and dozens of people with different manufactured homes told us horror stories.  And yes, I did do my homework on Valley Quality's "after the sale" service.  To my astonishment, after conversing with about a half dozen of your buyers, no one could tell me a horror story.  Instead, they all mentioned how pleased they were with the service after the sale.  Between that good news, the #2831, and your salesman, Steve Cline, we were sold on your fine manufactured home!

When it came down to the nitty gritty of method of payment, Steve sensed how important it was to me to be able to write the biggest personal check that I will ever write in my life.  He assured me over and over that there would be no problem.  What a relief that was to know I was trusted to write a six figure check upon delivery of our home.

Mr. Berger, Steve Cline is by far the most superior salesman we have ever encountered.  He is an asset to your company!

Our new home was delivered on Friday June 11, 1999.  To be truthful with you, I expected to see three old smoking Junker trucks deliver our new home just outside of Harrington.  Wow, was I mistaken!  I was truly impressed with your fleet of new white trucks and your drivers were wonderfully courteous!

Then on the following Monday, your set up crew arrived.  I wish I could remember their names.  Dear God, they were such hard working young men!  It was hot---and they put in such long hours---and they worked non-stop.  I kept the ice chest filled with cold soda pop and told them to feel free to help themselves to a cold soda anytime.  Mr.  Berger, never once did I see your set up crew stop for even five minutes and enjoy a soda pop.  Yes, they would take a pop, open it, take a drink, and then continued working.  I didn't realize the hard work involved in set up.  These four young men were hard, hard workers!  They knew what they were doing.  They worked steadily, they worked efficiently.  they too, were very courteous.

Although our new home was ready to move into by about the 20th of June, we couldn't physically move into it because there was no septic tank, nor no water lines laid yet to the house.  But, by about the 10th of August, that was all taken care of, and we spent our first night in our new home on August 14th, 1999.  Now come the ---"after the sale" service part.

Very shortly after moving in, we discovered a few things that were noticeably not right.  I called Steve Cline in Kennewick and he assured me Paul or Jim would be down shortly to take care of these problems---and they took care of them---expeditiously and perfectly.  As time went by, we made a note of several things that needed fixing, replacing or repairing.

Not long ago, Jim was down to do some roof repair.  It was a cold and cloudy day.  The wind was hurricane force.  I stood in awe of how Jim made a major repair on a section of the roof in that cold gale force wind that day.  He was down the next day to replace a chipped sink in the master bath, and made several other repairs.  Jim, too, is a very hard worker.  He goes non-stop, and he definitely knows what he's doing.  When Jim was working on the roof, he had a new young man patching the cracks inside the house.  For the life of me, I cannot remember this new young man's name, but I recall standing in awe of how ambitious he was.

This spring, I was informed that you had a new service coordinator named Bill.  He too has been very helpful and efficient in several areas that needed repairs, too.

And last, but by all means, not least, I want to thank you, Mr. Berger, for the $500.00 gift certificate you issued to my wife and I when we toured your plant in Sunnyside, in April of 1999.  If my memory serves me correctly, I think I counted some 70 plus people who toured your factory that Saturday.  Assuming at least half were married, you gave out nearly $18,000.00 worth of certificates on just that one particular Saturday, and that's a very generous heap of $$$!

In closing, again I want to emphasize how pleased we are with our new manufactured home from Valley Quality Homes.  Friends have gasped at its spaciousness---they're awed by the kitchen's beauty---and the walk in pantry.  They oooh and ahhh over the upper bay sky windows in the family and living room.  They can't believe the master bedroom, the master bath.  I've even had several tell me that they can't believe this is a manufactured home!  I always tell them, "That's why they're called Valley---"QUALITY" homes!


Arley and Myrna Bischoff
Harrington, WA

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Dear Mr. Berger,

I am sure you get many letters from customers who have purchased homes from your company.  I wanted to write and tell you of our experience with Valley Quality Homes, as it may be just a little bit different from some of your customers.

We first stopped in the Moses Lake store about 3 years ago and met Mr. Jim Golly.  He showed us several models and I was quite impressed.  We have had several custom homes, so looking at these did not really impress my wife.  However over the next two years we stopped and saw Jim Golly many times on trips to Seattle.  Let me say firstly, Jim is a quality guy, whom we have really gotten to know well.  You couldn't have a more honest, dedicated employee than Jim.  My wife started coming around a little and I convinced her to take a factory tour, which we did.  Again I was really impressed with your operation.  (I did meet you and talk a little bit after the tour with you.)

We decided to go ahead with one of your manufactured homes, and put our house up for sale.  We purchased 10 beautiful acres near Mt. Spokane.  We decided on the Valley Mansion model 2831.  We sold our $400,000.00 home and ordered the model 2831 from you.  This was not exactly a step up for us to go to a triple wide manufactured home!  But we really believe it was the RIGHT step.  We are 60 years old and want this to be our last home.

After being in the home only a few weeks I know we have the best built, most energy efficient, cost effective home we have ever had, and we just love it!  It is over 2700 square feet that is really well designed and perfect for us.  When we get the home landscaped and finished this summer, I will send you some pictures, as we believe with our setting it will truly be a show home for you.

I also want to tell you about Tony and his crew who put our home together.  What a great bunch of guys, but more importantly what great workers and craftsmen.  We were just amazed at their skill and hard work.  We had a few small problems like outlets not working and I called John Portch and he came out the same day and fixed every problem.

I really would like you to thank Jim Golly, Tony and his crew, and John Portch personally for us and to let them know how much we appreciated their great work.
We know this is the best "house" move we have ever made.  I also want to thank you for creating such a great company.  I know that excellence starts at the top.

Frank and Gail Wiprud

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Dear Mr. Berger,

Time is going by much faster for us now that we are settled in our "Manor" Valley Quality Home.  Yes, much faster than the 103 days we spent in a 27 foot motor home during the winter while we were going thru the steps to get our new home.  The ordering of the home was a learning experience for us, but Marty hung in there with us thru all the ups and downs, questions and answers, crossing out and re-writing.  Marty even sent us a buyer for our older home.

Our house finally arrived on February 16th, with friends and family standing by for the event.  It did not take us long to realize we had a top notch crew setting up our house.  They arrived long before the house did and had the site ready when the first half of the house pulled in.  They all seemed to have a job to do and they worked well as a team.  Before night fall the house was together and the roof fixed in case it rained.  The next morning and every morning thereafter, they arrived early and stayed late until the job was done.  We were very impressed with all the work that they did.  When there was a little change that needed to be made in the entry way, the work was done immediately and with a smile. All week long the work on the house seemed to go fast and efficiently.  We were very pleased with the way the house was set up and we were able to move right in. 

We would also like to commend your Service Department for the quick response to the few items that required immediate attention.  Every time they came out to fix something, they took care of everything, so we could never really get a list together as instructed.  It was a pleasure to work with Randy Friesz.  Every phone call to him was handled in a fast and professional manner.

We are really enjoying our new Valley Home and are proud to show it off to our family and friends.  We tell everyone how pleased we are with the quality of our new home.  It is also reassuring to have the inspectors and assessor comment on the quality of our house.  Thank you for everything.

Richard and Linda Simmons

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Dear Sirs,

I'm writing this in regard to the Valley Quality home that we purchased in June 1992.  Our home was a 1820 sq. foot building that we had moved from Yakima to a manufactured home gated park, that now has a total of 121 homes.  Our home was the 7th one in the park.  

Consequently all the buildings (homes) are within one to seven years old.  All of these homes, except three, which were just moved in, have had numerous problems that required replacement or repairs by their individual companies.  The only exception is our Valley Quality Home, which has required NO repairs or replacements of any kind.

This made us realize that the workmanship of the Valley Quality Home far exceeds that of other "homes".  Thank you for a superb "Home"!

Sincerely yours,
Dorcie and Barb Jennings
Mt. Vernon, WA

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